OPEN NAGAYA OSAKA 2018 was held for the eighth time last November.

During the course of preparing OPEN NAGAYA OSAKA 2018, we came up with new ideas. We asked five people of five nagaya houses to serve as a hub of nagaya houses in their respective areas, and take care of several nagaya houses in each area. Well, we wonder what kind of effects have been brought about as a result of our efforts.

There were 42 venues at OPEN NAGAYA OSAKA 2018 and two walking tours were conducted. Therefore, nobody could visit, experience or understand all the venues. Even I, as a representative of the Executive Committee on OPEN NAGAYA OSAKA 2018, was able to somehow visit only 16 venues in two days. I would be pleased if you could take time to read the collection thoroughly to comprehend the whole picture of the event and feel the ambience of the event.

Shinobu Fujita, Representative of the Executive Committee on OPEN NAGAYA OSAKA 2018, and Nagaya Conservation Committee, Osaka City University