Number of nagaya houses in Osaka


Modern nagaya houses built before World War II in Osaka have survived. Their exteriors and interior furnishings include traditional mud walls and beams and columns that have survived since their original construction. In addition, some modern nagaya houses have walls and fences in front of the house, and the landscape is highly rated by some people. However, a growing number of these modern nagaya houses have been demolished recently because of dilapidation or the absence of nagaya owners.


According to the Housing and Land Survey, the number of nagaya houses in Osaka was about 63,600 in 1993, but the number dropped by 19,900 to about 43,700 (3.3% of the total number of houses) in 2013. According to a survey conducted in 2013, the number of nagaya houses built in and before 1950 prior to World War II dropped to below 10,000, to about 9,600.

Reference: Housing and Land Survey