The Dwelling for Arts

3 day exhibition  – The Dwelling for Arts

Various events and projects have been held in the main building of Toyosaki nagaya by utilizing living spaces in a machiya house where people lived over generations. Living spaces in the machiya house in Osaka have not been renovated to be reused but efforts have been made to utilize them by making good use of its characteristics as a living space, and its site-specifically use has been researched by carrying out investigations and analyses.

For instance, an artwork exhibition titled The Dwelling for Artswas held with the space of the machiya house remained intact, so viewers could experience both the artworks and the machiya house simultaneously. The exhibition was designed for experiencing the entire machiya house where a living space with a tokonoma alcove, fusuma sliding panels and an engawa veranda is provided separately from the exhibition space of white cubes, and artworks are interwoven with architecture furnished with highly changeable facilities from season to season such as a ranma transom, fusuma sliding panels and folding screens. The effectiveness of the project was reviewed. The living space of the machiya house was also used for international conferences and lectures for a variety of participants. In addition, a review was also made for the special experience of the machiya house, where food was prepared with kitchen equipment installed in the living space.